About Me

About me

I’m Mohammed Emad,

I’m Software Project/Account Manager.

I’m have been working as Software Project manager for 4 years, and since 2021 I’m working as Software Account Manager, and currently trying to explore my other interests and creating my blog is my way to find them and in process helping others as well.

What is this blog about?

In this site, I’m going to Blog about things that interest me and benefit you as well such as:

  • Fitness, as I have been in Bodybuilding sport for 10Years now so I will be sharing my experience with workouts, dieting and correcting wrong fitness myths.
  • Sharing my Software Project management advices it has been hellish 4 years now and I had managed a total of 14 projects (10 Banks, 4 Financial institutions), total of  30 implementation, in 3 different countries and I had managed 8 projects at once before so I’m sure you will be entertained in this section.
  • Sharing my Account management journey as it just started in 2021, and what is the straggles during Covid-19.
  • Also, will make series for software engineers by interviewing my Co. Engineers
  • I’m an Anime Fan since my childhood until now, so I will be Sharing my Anime, Light novels Recommendations and reviews.
  • My Working Gear, which tools I use and its benefits
  • Books & L. Novels, and how I turned from anti-reading to a reading lover.